Global Representation

Unlike many M&A firms, Protelum Advisors has the distinction of having completed transactions to foreign buyers from Europe, South Africa, Asia & Canada, many which are traded on the foreign public exchanges. Selling a small California based business to buyers located outside of the USA is an acquired skill not present with other M&A firms. Yet, this skill set is essential because of the unique advantage it gives our clients for the simple reason that foreign buyers will pay a premium for U.S. businesses. It is our extensive network of both domestic and international buyers and relationships with dealmakers that makes the difference.

Accessing global markets and the expertise required to properly transact globally is now key to many growing businesses. Strategic and synergistic buyers are requiring operations and market share throughout the globe. This need for a successful multinational enterprise has created an acquisition void within the international community. Cross border transactions are growing at an unprecedented rate and the opportunities for U.S. companies are rare.

California’s Cross Border Experts

Finding a professional services company that has the required reach to enter distant markets is a difficult task. Protelum Advisors and its affiliates are skilled at delivering exceptional results for their clients internationally.

Our team of internationally focused M&A advisors can help you tap into the incredible value being created in cross border markets. We believe that business owners are often done a disservice by M&A advisors who do not fully vet international opportunities simply because they are not comfortable doing so.

Whether it be local or global, whether you have need to expand or divest your business, secure financing or develop an exit strategy, Protelum Advisors is able to provide an international perspective to fit your objectives and set the course for your financial success.

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